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  • About Kathy 

    Living with bipolar disorder, telling a story of trauma and the battle to recover.

  • About Max Maddox 

    Max Maddox has co-authored a memoir entitled: Walks on the Margins: A Story of Bipolar Illness.

  • Appearances 

    2015 Appearances Kathy giving keynote speech at the 2014 South Dakota National Alliance on Mental Health Conference Local Author Showcase Woodland Park…

  • Appearances Archive 

    Appearances Archive 2013 Appearances Kathy & Max read from their memoir, Walks On The Margins AN EVENING OF STORY & SONG Colorado College, Bemis…

  • Blog 

    Kathy blogs about mental health, surviving bipolar disorder, healing, and advocacy.

  • Home 

    A mother & son survive bipolar disorder and heal after his diagnosis and struggle with mania, depression and psychosis.

  • In the News 

    Information about Kathy and her son's story of surviving bipolar disorder

  • Mother & Son Memoir 

    What comes after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder? Fear, pain, trauma, survival, recovery, and a mother/son story called "Walks on the Margins."

  • Resources 

    Mental Health websites, blogs, articles

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    This page makes it easy to navigate to all parts of Kathy's website and blog.

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