Mental Health Begins with Me!

Saturday was another big day for mental health care across Colorado.  In Colorado Springs more than 200 people joined the second community discussion at the University of Colorado to learn about and make progress on one of the most misunderstood public issues we face today.   It’s part of President Obama’s National Dialogue to raise awareness, promote understanding, find solutions, and develop action plans to address the who live with mental illness.

Jason DeaBueno

Jason DeaBueno, vice-president of AspenPointe, a local non-profit that provides mental health services, spoke hopefully about our progress.

The new Health Care Act, he said, is helping people who previously depended on emergency rooms “to find their way to care.”  That, along with Governor Hickenlooper’s recent initiatives to develop more mental health centers means more access for those who need it.   But there is still much to do and engaging the community in solutions is critical.

Make Change Happen!

Make Change Happen!


DeaBueno urged each of us step up on our soapboxes’ and speak out for  change.


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