About Kathy

Living with Bipolar Disorder and Telling the Story

When her son, Max, was diagnosed  at 20, Kathy knew they’d be living with bipolar disorder for the rest of their lives.  After years of trauma, they decided to write about their battle with illness and with a dysfunctional mental health care system.  The result is a brutally honest and sometimes unnerving story called Walks on the Margins: A Story of Bipolar Illness.  The book was a finalist for the Iowa Review Award in Non-Fiction. Kathy has received the Golden Quill Award for Walks on the Margins and for her service to the community.  Over the course of Max’s illness, Kathy has become a vocal advocate for those living with mental illness and their families.  She has served on the Board of Directors of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Colorado Springs (NAMI), most recently as President.  She received the 2012 NAMI National Member of the Year Award for her “courage, leadership and service on behalf of all people living with mental illness.”

Kathy has also written the Hannah Sampson CSI Underwater Mystery Series (Swimming with the Dead, Dark Water Dive, Dangerous Depths, and Under Pressure), which are available in paperback and as ebooks.  Learn about these books and visit her website at http://csi-underwater-mysteries.com.

Kathy has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Rhetoric and taught writing at the University of Colorado for ten years.

Author Kathy Brandt